T Magazine: How Mario Batali Does Breakfast


“The restaurant marks a first for Batali, too, in that all-day service necessitates that he include breakfast. ‘This is, keep in mind, the first time I’m able to have a breakfast menu in my whole life,’ he says. ‘There aren’t many breakfast restaurants in Italy. Unless you’re in a hotel, breakfast is really a brioche and a cappuccino.’ His challenge was to create a menu that maintained the spirit of Italian cooking but incorporated traditional American fare. ‘The ‘eggs in purgatorio,’ for me, are exactly how I want to eat them, with a slightly spicy tomato sauce,’ he says. ‘But just being able to come in here and have a perfect plate of 24-month Galloni prosciutto with grilled bread and fig jam, and the additional soft cheese, that’s kind of what I want to eat eight days out of 10.’ Though Batali himself prefers a savory breakfast — ‘I’d just as soon eat cold Chinese food with Tabasco sauce,’ he says — he has guests with a sweet tooth covered. ‘The mascarpone amaretti pancakes are going to be my kids’ favorite thing,’ he says.”

[via T Magazine]

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